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March 8, 2019, is one of the dates that will be remembered by the people of Lampung. On that date, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road for the Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar section, which is the longest toll road segment in Indonesia, 140.9km.

This toll road crosses 3 districts in Lampung, namely: South Lampung, Pesawaran, and Central Lampung. In each of these districts, the toll road has an exit at 10 interchanges, including:

  • Bakauheni Selatan (Pelabuhan) – KM 0
  • Bakauheni Utara (Penengahan) – KM 8
  • Kalianda – KM 22,5
  • Sidomulyo – KM 38,9
  • Lematang – KM 74,3
  • Kotabaru – KM 78,5
  • Branti – KM 96,5
  • Kota Metro (Masgar) – KM 108,5
  • Gunung Sugih – KM 130,5
  • Terbanggi Besar – KM 140,4

This highway road is a substitute for the Sumatra crossing (Jalinsum), which has been the lifeblood of land transportation from Sumatra to Java and vice versa. And, of course, the existence of the highway road will shorten the travel time from Terbanggi Besar to Bakauheni. Some friends of mine who have tried the toll road from the entrance to Kotabaru, until the Bakauheni exit only takes about 30 minutes, which is all 2 hours.

But this influences travel time. Other impacts of course will be there, especially for the future. Hopefully the existence of this highway road will increase the economy of the people of Lampung.


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