Blogs or websites are very telling and very good media if you want to deliver according to many people. Blogs can also contain anything you can convey. It can be about your life, your experience, topics that are currently trending or your business offering products.

All of that you can enter on your website or blog. But so that all material or information that you write on your blog is conveyed, there are some important things for you to use on your website.

Among them:

1. Blog Comments. This is the main thing in your blog. With the comments column, then you have provided a place for visitors to ask questions, share or give opinions about the info you provide. This is very good so your blog can grow.

2. Contact page. Usually visitors will see who is the owner of the website they are visiting. They want to know more about you, and this can increase your credibility. You can use a special link or a special page so that visitors can contact you. You can include the link address Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on.

3. Add an Email Column. By creating an email column or what is commonly called Optin, where visitors enter your name and email in a special column, then you will get databases from your visitors. So you can contact them anytime via email to provide update information and your blog.

By doing the 3 things above, your blog can grow and of course it will be very possible to increase traffic. With the increase in traffic it can be said that your income can increase, if you manage it well 🙂


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