Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

There is a new Google phone, Pixel 3A, where is Pixel 3A slightly bigger than Google Pixel 3A XL. Here is what you need to know right on the top of this article. Google Pixel 3A is a solid phone that costs 400 USD, and it has a great camera. That combination of those three things never happens.

To start, I just want to lay out the basics, of why I think this phone is so remarkable. And why a lot of people are going to be really happy if they go out and buy it because there’s really nothing else like it on the market right now. If you want to go out and buy a smartphone with a great camera, you have got a couple of options. You can get something in the top tier of what is good and what you can trust, but to do that, you have to spend a minimum of like six to seven hundred USD, and sometimes you end up spending over that a thousand!! Seriously!

Your other option is to scrabble around for a deal or to look for a slightly older phone. If the camera is less important to you, you can get a lot of surprisingly decent Android phones for less than 500 USD, and, lately, they don not even have the compromises that you might expect. A lot of them are fast and nice looking and have recent software. But, none of those cheap Android phones have great cameras. The Google Pixel 3A, though, it has a great camera. For the most part, I can not tell the different between photos shot with this phone and photos shot with regular Google Pixel 3, which costs about 300 USD more.

You will get the same camera features as regular Google Pixel 3, including night sight mode for low light shots, and a new time lapse feature that is coming to all Google Pixel phones. On top of all of that, Google Pixel 3A has a good design, a nice OLED screen, reasonable load speakers, and a guarantee to get the most up to date versions of Android first. Then, you know, Google Pixel 3A has a regular old headphone jack, and it right on the top!! Old fashioned, but very useful.

There is 2 model Google Pixel 3A. The small one will costs you 399 USD, and the one with the big screen, and also no notch, costs you 479 USD.

Of course, Google Pixel 3A has difference with other phones that costs you more than 750 USD. First, and probably most importantly, it is not super fast. It is kind of slow. This slow down is because the chip inside the Google Pixel 3A is Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, which is not as fast as the 845s and 855s which you get on more expensive phones, likes the Google Pixel 3 of Samsung Galaxy S10. And, it is definitely not as fast as the processor on an iPhone XR. The weird thing is once I get into just using the phone, it did not feel slow and it did not stop me from doing anything at all, even playing intense game, like PUBG on high graphic settings. The camera does not process photos, as quickly as it could either because it does not have a separate image processing chip, but it did not change the quality of the pictures.

But, one things that need to be consider is that overtime we know that all phones tend to slow down, and that is been a particular issue with Google Pixel 3, which even a year old yet.

pixel 3a

The second thing that you lose by not buying a more expensive phone is just overall build quality. The things that make a phone just look and feel really good, that make you feel like you have a nice thing in your hands. I do not think that Google Pixel 3A feels cheap, but it is definitely not premium, or whatever that means. Google Pixel 3A has a polycarbonate body. It has big bezels, especially the top and the bottom. It does not have two cameras on the front, wireless charging, in-screen fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. But, losing that stuff is not too painful as long as the overall experience is well designed and pretty good, and Google Pixel 3A is those things.

You can get Google Pixel 3A in black or white color, which google calls purple-ish. The only build quality thing that you might really want to complain about is that Google Pixel 3A not water resistant!!

The other things that makes an expensive phone premium is a killer screen. Something that not only goes edge to edge, but is also tack-sharp and color accurate and maybe has some techno features, like fast refresh rate or whatever. The Google Pixel 3A does not go in for all of that, but it does have a nice OLED screen. It is maybe not the highest resolution and the color temperature on the small one runs a little bit yellow-ish, but it si better than Google Pixel 2XL from a couple of years ago.

Google Pixel 3A also has a glass screen, not plastic!! although it is not technically corning gorilla glass. It is something called Dragontrail!!

The important things that Google managed on Pixel 3A is nailing the basics. For example, battery life is great. It is lasting for a long day in normal usage. But again, The camera is GREAT!! It is on par or better than iPhone XR, XS, and Galaxy S10. Video quality could be better. But, Google Pixel costs you only 400 USD. Which is affordable for me with all facilities that it has.


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